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Fintech, banking and financial services


Website localisation

“If I am selling to you, I speak your language. If I am buying, dann müssen Sie Deutsch sprechen.”

Willy Brandt, German Chancellor (1969-1972)

You have a fantastic product or service, but will people buy it?

The truth is they won’t if they don’t understand it, cannot read the specification or engage with your product because you did not speak to them in their own language.

Does your translator understand your industry?

Within the world of financial services or IT there are many complex terms and concepts. When the translator understands such concepts and is able to combine their industry knowledge with their linguistic expertise, then you are on the road to having a great translation.

Why work with me?

I enjoyed a successful career in software houses building solutions for financial services, including major European banks in Paris and London, building societies, investment corporations and lenders. As a Business and Test Analyst I translated specifications and user guides and performed localisation testing.

I am here with my industry knowledge and linguistic skills to help your business engage with, communicate and sell to your foreign language-speaking audiences.

Client Testimonials

Hervé Hans-Moëvi - CMO at Prima Solutions

Cela fait près d'un an que nous travaillons régulièrement avec Elżbieta et nous apprécions son professionnalisme et sa réactivité. Les projets que nous lui avons confiés ont été systématiquement livrés dans les délais et avec une qualité irréprochable. Son excellente maîtrise du vocabulaire informatique et des assurances nous est d’une aide précieuse pour la traduction de nos différents contenus. Elżbieta sait s'adapter et prend la peine de rechercher le champ lexical nécessaire pour que la qualité de ses traductions soit à la hauteur de nos attentes.

María Scheibengraf - Crisol Translation Services

Elżbieta is one of the most amazing French linguists that I've had the pleasure to work with. She's highly specialised in Finance, and we've been very lucky for several months to count on her expertise and overall loveliness to serve one of our biggest clients in the fintech industry. With a nothing-is-too-much-trouble attitude, Elżbieta is able to successfully solve the most complex challenges smoothly and with great communication throughout. She's honest, open, respectful, and really fun! We're blessed to have her in our team.

Liz Barlow - WoW Words Agency

Elżbieta is a superb professional who can be relied upon to provide a top-notch translation and localization service. Aside from her translation expertise, Elżbieta has been instrumental in helping us set up our Language Learning Lab and her guidance, advice, academic knowledge and teaching proficiency have been invaluable. If you are looking for a first-class linguist to work on your projects, call Elżbieta. They don’t come any better!

Anja Jones - AJT

Elżbieta is a real pleasure to work. In addition to the high quality of her translations, we really value her professional and proactive attitude to every translation project. Highly recommended!
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