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SEO translation, copywriting and copyediting – all with your brand voice at my fingertips and optimised for search engines.

I specialise in:


Fintech, banking and financial services

App and website localisation


What keeps you up at night?

Do you struggle to find SaaS translation services that suit your business needs?

Do you already have a website or blog that ranks well in the search engine results and now you want to reach global audiences?

Do you want your French or Polish website copy to feel local and authentic?

Are you looking for a marketing translator who can help you gain a foothold in the French or Polish-speaking markets?

Do you need help with understanding the local culture and its impact on user experience?

Does your translator understand your industry?

Within the world of financial services or SaaS, there are many complex terms and concepts. When your translator understands such concepts and is able to combine their industry knowledge with their linguistic expertise, then you are on the road to having a great translation.

Hiring a specialised SaaS and fintech marketing translator will help you eliminate unpleasant surprises and create an excellent customer experience in a foreign market. There’s nothing better than turning a first-time customer into a loyal fan of your brand.

You will also be able to focus on your core business – on the activities that generate revenue for your company or organisation – without worrying about incorrect and having to spend time re-working them.

“If I am selling to you, I speak your language. If I am buying, dann müssen Sie Deutsch sprechen.”

Willy Brandt, German Chancellor (1969-1972)

You have to sell to the French in French

Don’t get influenced by your impressions and experience of France as a tourist, where everyone tried to speak to you in your language. You were a customer then. When the French are customers, they want to read content, product descriptions and terms of contract in French. People prefer to browse and shop in their native language, even if they speak excellent English. 

Your brand’s voice with a local feel

There is a big difference in the tone of voice and language in French advertising. Shouting “Buy now!” and “Click here!” at your customers can feel pushy and off-putting.

Cultural and linguistic variations in your brand’s tone-of-voice can make or break your international expansion.

SEO services

A literal translation, even grammatically perfect, will not get you clicks. It might even destroy the impact of your carefully crafted content.

As an SEO translator, I can provide a culture-sensitive adaptation of your website and optimise it for the local search market.

I follow the latest consumer and business information and can localise your content so that it attracts customers in France and Poland.

How I can help you

Hi, I'm Elżbieta!

I’m a French and Polish SEO copywriter and translator with a knack for the written word.

Copy that is well written and engaging has the power to build credibility for a business and win the trust of its customers.

As a copywriter, I’m here to elevate the relationship between your business and its clients by bridging communication gaps through the right combination of words.

As an SEO specialist, I make sure Google falls in love with your French or Polish website and content.

If you’re ready to begin our journey together, schedule a free consultation to discover what I can write for you.


What my clients say

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Case Study – Solving localisation challenges for fintech
and SaaS companies

How do you successfully launch your services in another country? How do you adapt your website to a different culture, search strategies and user behaviour while maintaining your brand’s image and tone of voice?

Read the case study and discover how Edit Translations helped a French SaaS company break into the British B2B market with a localised version of their website. To learn more, fill out the form provided and you will receive the case study directly to your inbox.


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