Why work with me?

You have a fantastic product and you know that people and businesses need it. The truth is they won’t buy it if they don’t understand it, cannot read the specification or engage with your product because you did not speak to them in their own language. And this is where I can help.

There are many translation agencies, but chances are you will never meet the translator in person, and you will never have a chance to discuss your needs and requirements. What you need is an insider who knows your industry and speaks its language and a partner you can trust and communicate with easily.
What you need is a specialist.

My 11 years of experience as a Business and Test Analyst to Manager level ensures I can offer high quality translations because I understand your environment. I can also offer you high expertise in the use of CAT tools (Computer-Assisted Translation), including expertise in SDL Trados Studio. This makes my translation deliverables faster, more consistent, more professional and more accurate.

You need an insider who knows your industry and speaks its language.

My IT and operations management background mean that I am also well-versed in quality, both in process and product. Consistent and clear terminology is a key factor in your public persona, or that of your clients. My unique combination of language, analysis and software skills allows me to offer you my specialised terminology management service. I can generate your initial project files (TM, TB, glossary, etc.) and I can consolidate, clean, update and manage existing data for the future.

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Languages are my passion and I love sharing it.

I hold a master’s degree in Professional Translation at the University of Strasbourg. Having lived 30+ years in the UK and France I have developed solid bicultural and bilingual skills to address and convey each country’s specific locale and culture. This enables me to produce translations that are true to their audience and culture.

I have 10 years of experience in delivering courses of English, French and Spanish including translation modules. I was judged an outstanding teacher by HM Inspectors in the UK. When I am not translating, I teach English to businesses and professional individuals.