About EditTranslations

Why work with me?

You have a fantastic product, and you know that people and businesses need it. The truth is they won’t buy it if they don’t understand it, cannot read the specification or engage with your product because you did not speak to them in their own language. And this is where I can help.

What you need is an insider who knows
your industry and speaks its language

How many times did you ask someone to translate your important marketing material or webpage only to find that that person didn’t understand (or didn’t even try) to get to know your business?

I have actually worked in Fintech and SaaS businesses.

Words for you. Written well. 

My SaaS clients belong to various industries: IT, banking, insurance, crowdfunding, e-learning, Edtech, post-purchase and logistics, e-commerce, etc.

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My business skills
save you time and emotion

Why do I think processes are so important? 

Well, because they save you time, money and most importantly, emotion. I strongly believe that I can solve your problems not only by writing excellent copy or conveying your message in another language.

My clients regularly praise my fast response, timely deliveries and problem solving. Like a parcel tracking service, my good communication skills will keep you up to date throughout the process.

Put me to the test.

Languages are my passion
and I love sharing this

I hold a master’s degree in professional translation from the University of Strasbourg. Having lived 30+ years in the UK and France I have developed solid bicultural and bilingual skills to address and convey each country’s specific locale and culture, enabling me to produce translations and content that are true to their audience and culture

When I lived in the UK, I taught French and Spanish including translation modules. My proficiency and commitment as a teacher was recognised by HM Inspectors rating me as an outstanding teacher.

In France, I share my passion for English language and civilisation with university students and working professionals.

If you have any questions, get in touch.

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