Quality translations by an industry expert.
Professional translation by an insider who knows your industry and speaks its language.
My Services
Translation / Localisation of websites and software
I can help you bring your product to your international audience by ensuring that your content, process and knowledge feels authentic, including websites, software and its documentation, e-learning materials and training for your users.
Marketing translations
I have translated numerous marketing materials for SaaS and IaaS companies: white papers, case studies and press releases. I write compelling website copy that appeals to international audiences linguistically and culturally, attracting them to the brand.
Economic, Finance and Business Translations
Corporate and financial reports, Economic Reports,
Market News, Correspondence, Presentations, Internal Company Communications, Blogs, Newsletters, CVs. All translated by an insider: someone who worked in business and speaks your language.
Terminology management
Consistent and clear terminology is a key factor in your public persona, or that of your clients. I can generate your initial project files from your existing content (translation memories, termbases or glossaries) and consolidate, clean and manage existing data for the future.
I write texts with the right impact that will help your business attract more clients. Well-written content, SEO-friendly and relevant to your brand for your website, blog or product. To learn more and book a 30-minute free consultation, click on "Get in touch" and you'll be redirected onto a dedicated page.
Editing and Proofreading
Having worked for over 10 years as a teacher I have an extensive experience of marking, proofreading and improving texts on a large variety of topics, to make sure that they are clear and error-free. Because quality matters.
I also provide customised consultancy service during which I can:
  • review your translation process and suggest improvements, if necessary
  • review the translation needs of all the departments
  • train employees who are involved in translation
  • provide business English training sessions with a focus on effective communication with the English-speaking clients or suppliers
  • embed translation technologies in your organisation
  • help you organise your terminology
  • generate Translation Memories from your existing content
  • produce monolingual or bilingual glossaries from your existing content
  • support you in writing French or English content for translation purposes
  • create multilingual Term Bases
  • provide terminological and stylistic correction and harmonisation of the user interfaces
  • help with localisation of software or websites

As an experienced test analyst, I will be happy to discuss further additional services, once the localisation project has been delivered.

I have access to a network of highly skilled, native speaker translators specialised in their domains (legal, marketing, financial, etc.) for the language pairs that I personally do not offer.

Consultancy benefits for you
  • Consistent terminology and branding
  • Strong SEO
  • Translation cost savings
  • Reduced time to market
  • High-quality content
  • Translation automation
  • No more copy-pasting in spreadsheets
  • Expertise of a translator who worked in British and American corporations (software houses, data mining, banks, SaaS) and who speaks their language, with additional experience of a pedagogue and trainer
The way I work
A professional approach to translation is thorough and methodical
I follow a strict process to produce quality translations.

I will ask you for or review any reference material you may have to ensure that I understand the context and to use the preferred terminology. I prepare other reference materials I use regularly for the subject and find other materials specific to the project.

Translation draft
I write a first version of the document, following any specific instructions given. I use advanced translation software (SDL Trados Studio) to ensure consistency. I flag any terms or phrases that were not easily and definitively discoverable with the reference materials on hand or that may have room for improvement.

Editing & proofreading
After letting the text rest a bit (so I can check it with fresh eyes), I edit and proofread it. l go over the whole translation checking the target against the source by site-translating it back to the source language. This method ensures there is no missing or added text and that the translation sounds like it was originally written in the target language. I proofread lists of names/numbers. Finally, proofread the target text alone as a final check for strange or awkward text.

Quality assurance
Before delivery, I run my final draft through advanced tools to fix any issues left. Such solutions go far beyond what traditional spellcheckers offer. They can detect typos (including homonyms), common mistranslations of words, grammatical errors, inconsistencies, missing numbers and punctuation, formatting issues for advanced file types, and more.

Finally, I deliver the translation by the agreed deadline. After delivery, I remain available for any edits and additions required. I always promptly answer such queries, so you can meet your deadlines.
Previous types of work
  • website copy
  • landing pages
  • brochures
  • software UI and specifications
  • user guides
  • corporate and financial reports
  • product descriptions
  • marketing & digital content
  • white papers
  • newsletters
  • press releases
  • market analysis
  • presentations
  • surveys
  • e-learning and training materials
  • e-learning subtitles
  • B2B, B2C