Why you shouldn’t hire me as your French content writer

5 reasons why I am not the right person for your content needs

Are you looking for a freelance French content writer? Or a Polish copywriter? I can also write English content thanks to my near-native language skills.

Whether it’s a landing page or a blog post, or even the all-important home page, whether your website needs a simple facelift or a complete makeover, I’m here to write SEO-friendly content that will take your business to the next level.

I’ve supported many clients: digital marketing agencies, fintechs and insurtechs, SaaS businesses and e-commerce website owners. But my skills and services are not everyone’s cup of tea and in this short Q&A article I’d like to tell you why.

Even if we won’t do business together, I respect your time (and mine, of course), so I hope this piece can save us both from wasting this precious commodity. So why would you not hire me? Let’s start with money.

1. You don’t have the budget

In spite of sharing price ranges on my services page, I’m still often asked about my rates.

Can I be very honest here?

If price is the main driving factor behind your decision to engage a freelance content writer, you’ll be able to find cheaper options elsewhere.

My rates reflect my skills and experience, as well as the general demand for my services.

Creating a high-quality, well-researched piece of content takes time. If your prime motivation to work with me is content that will rank well on Google, attract not only traffic, but convert it to paying clients down the sales funnel, then I’d be happy to discuss your needs.

Did you know that in 2022, the UK average price for a 1000-words blog post was £512 and an average daily copywriting rate – £387?

So, if your budget for a long-form blog post is less than 400 euros, we’re not a good match.

2. You want it done at the drop of a hat

I can work on tight deadlines, but to produce effective content, I need to spend time writing research to understand your business, the audience and the aims of the content. I take pride in my work and won’t risk my reputation by agreeing to unrealistic deadlines. Typically, my availabilities would start 10 – 15 days from the time you contact me. Please also bear in mind that a shorter deadline means a higher rate.

3. You don’t want to get involved

Imagine you bought a house, and you want some renovation work done. You give your builders the keys to the house and tell them: “I’m off to Guatemala for 2 months, see ya! And best of luck!” You told them more or less what you wanted (“a white-tiled bathroom with a shower”) and left. Of course, they will need more details and will want to check with you that you are happy with what they are doing.

The same goes for content writing. You want to trust me to get on with my job, and in return you expect a good quality end piece. That’s fair, but I will need you involved along the line, and this is roughly how the process looks like:

• First briefing with me

• I prepare a skeleton deck + we do a round of amends

• First draft + round of amends

• Second draft + round of amends

• Final draft + approval

• Final invoice

4. You want to buy a dog and then bark yourself

On a complete opposite end of the spectrum, don’t hire me if you want to micromanage me.

I get it, it can be difficult to let go. And trust me, I love clients who have a very good idea of what they want. However, in my experience, clients who want to retain full control of the work, are rarely open to suggestions for improving processes. And if you read some recommendations from my past clients, I’m actually very good at advising what you might need and what is not a good idea.

In other words, if you’re going to hire a pro like me, you have to trust me as your copywriter.

5. Your industry is outside my area of expertise

Every content writer specialises in an industry or type of writing. I also limit myself to the industries that fall within my areas of expertise. If your content covers any of the following topics, we might be the next dream team:

• Martech

• SaaS

• Fintech

• Insurtech

• Finance and economy

• Marketing and sales

• E-commerce

• Education and continuous development

• Website and software localisation

If your topic is outside this range, please get back to me with a few samples of your content, so I can make an honest evaluation of whether I can provide you with strong and effective writing in that area.

Final pro tip – you don’t always need a pro!

Prioritise your most important content.

Coming back to the money issue: you may think I’m shooting myself (and my fellow writers) in the foot by saying this, but…: 

Your content doesn’t always need to be written or edited by an editorial professional. There are times when the text you have is good enough for its intended purpose, and you won’t benefit significantly from changing it.

Prioritise your most essential content and make sure that it’s written and/or edited by an experienced pro.

Find the perfect French content writer for your website

I hope that my article gave you some information about the points you should consider before moving on to my Contact page! I just wanted to ensure that both you—my future client—and I benefit from a relationship that brings excellent value to you and meets your needs.

Now, if you still think that we are a good match, I’d love to hear from you!


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