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Case study: WelcomeTrack

WelcomeTrack launches the English version of their website to enter the British market

WelcomeTrack, a Paris-based SaaS, helps e-retailers build customer loyalty in the post-purchase phase with its complete post-purchase solution. Originally intended to track logistics and shipments, the platform was soon enhanced with customer relations and marketing functionalities and is constantly adapting to the evolution of e-commerce to best address its customers’ needs.

EDIT Translations is a SEO translation, localisation, and copywriting company, specialised in SaaS, fintech, insurtech and marketing. Before starting the company, its founder, Elzbieta Dubois, enjoyed a successful career in software houses, building solutions for commercial and financial services, including major European banks in Paris and London. As a Business Analyst, she translated specifications and user guides and performed localisation testing. She combines this experience with solid linguistic skills. A master’s degree in translation at the University of Strasbourg and 30+ years of residence in the UK and France allow her to address and convey each country’s specific locale and culture.

1. Challenge

An English version of a French website, with a copy that sounds authentic and is adapted to the local market.

WelcomeTrack’s marketing department had previously hired a French to English translator on a well-known French freelance vendor platform at a market price. The result was a poor, literal translation, which upon checking turned out to be machine output.

The client counts on its website and effective SEO to attract customers and compete with other actors in the logistics and post-purchase experience sector. Its audience consists of B2B clients – mostly e-commerce players or retailers who also sell their products online. The challenge also meant choosing brand names that are familiar to the British audience.

The service that WelcomeTrack expected:

  • A translation that sounded authentic British English,
    • A skilful adaptation of the French case studies,
      • Application of the best SEO practices,
        • Quality copy that was adapted and optimised for the British market.
“Elzbieta thoroughly analyses and breaks down your project in order to understand the subtleties and adapt the tone of voice and terminology perfectly to the target culture.” Click To Tweet

2. Solution

WelcomeTrack chose EDIT Translations to deliver a high-quality translation. When asked how they found the company’s details, Priscillia Kumodzi, the Content Manager at WelcomeTrack, said:

“I entered ‘French-English translator for marketing and SaaS’ in Google, and EDIT Translations website appeared on the first page of search results. This fact alone attests that the company masters the principles of the SEO and can deliver a quality optimised copy.”

EDIT Translations didn’t just localise the website text. They researched keywords and metadata, and selected them in line with the best practices in multilingual SEO. The translator discussed the required tone of voice and technical language to be used (delivery and logistics terms). Every text delivered has been thoroughly proofread by another linguist, a British English native.

3. Results

Client’s due date was successfully met with regular communication throughout the project. WelcomeTrack were highly satisfied with the quality of the translation and commented:

“Elzbieta thoroughly analyses and breaks down your project in order to understand the subtleties and adapt the tone of voice and terminology perfectly to the target culture.”

4. Next Steps

WelcomeTrack are planning further translation projects, such as blog articles targeted at the British audience, once their business strategy has been established in early 2023.

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