What is a translation style guide and why is it important?

Has your translator ever asked you: “Do you have a style guide?” And you wonder: What is a translation style guide? Why do I need it? If you are building an international marketing strategy to expand your customer base, you need to communicate your unique brand identity to connect with potential consumers in new markets. […]

4 questions to ask before buying a translation

IF TRANSLATORS WERE CAR MECHANICS…, or 4 common questions to ask before buying a translation service.

  “Can you repair my car? I need it for tomorrow.” “Can I see it?” “No. Not until you tell me if you can fix it.” “Um…What kind of car is it?” “A blue one.” “I mean the manufacturer and model.” “That’s personal information I don’t want to disclose. When will it be ready?” “Well…what […]


Does Your Translator Ask Questions?

Why should a good translator ask you questions? From very generic ones before the project starts, such as asking you about the purpose and audience of your content, to more technical ones, such as preferred terminology or style, questions are a sign of a professional approach. This is the equivalent of the gathering of requirements […]

What makes an excellent translator? 5 traits you should look for

 Many businesses and organisations find the process of hiring translators quite daunting, simply because they do not know what to expect and what to look for. Here are the 5 most important traits you should consider: 1. Quality and expertise It goes without saying that this is the most important aspect of being a translator. […]

How do I choose a financial translator

How do I choose a financial translator?

 And why do translators specialise anyway? These are just words, aren’t they? Well, not exactly. Financial and economic translations require a great degree of understanding.  Translators who understand the concepts will be able to translate much more accurately than those who don’t. Within the world of finance there are many complex terms and concepts On […]

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